Ethnic cleansing of Serbs from Croatia, August 1995


On 4th August 1995 Croatian army during Operation Storm brutally expelled 250,000 Serbs from their centuries-old homes. It was the biggest ethnic cleansing since the Second World War.

Operation Storm is, officially by the UN court in The Hague, clearly characterized as a crime against humanity. Essentially speaking, the Storm is a continuation of the philosophy NDH (Croatian fascist state during the Second World War), which was publicly proclaimed in a phrase „to kill a third of the Serbs, expel a third, and the rest convert to Catholicism“ (more about Independent state of Croatia can be found on ).

Despite all these facts, today’s Croatia, which calls itself democratic and anti-fascist, celebrates the exodus of a quarter million people as the greatest national holiday! The entire national leadership, from President Ivo Josipovic to Prime Minister Jadranka Kosor participate in celebrations of the Croatian Operation Storm. As part of these celebrations, in front of tens of thousands of people one of the most popular Croatian singers holds the concerts in which he glorifies brutal killing of Serbian civilians, women and children ( ). In their songs they are proudly calling themselves „BUTCHERS“.

Stop this evil while you still can! Europe cannot allow the entry of Croatia into the EU while the leaders of Croatia do not publicly distance from these monstrous crimes and until they do not forbid the celebration of genocidal Operation Storm! Stop the mockery of the victims of this heavy genocide! Stop the neo-fascism in the heart of the Europe.

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Look at the video of one of the most brutal genocides in the human history, click here.

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