Savage and the fall of the U.K.


 Joseph Farah


It’s been more than two years since Britain banned entry to American talk-radio phenom Michael Savage, along with a short list of terrorists, neo-Nazis murderers and other vile scum.

It was in May 2009 that the British government released a list of 16 persona non grata – banned so as to protect the country from provocateurs of violence.

Today we should ask London how that deal is working out for them.

I don’t wish to make light of the tragedy of the rioting, looting and mayhem raging across the country, initiated by home-grown hooligans spoon-fed a diet of state socialism and mindless political correctness of the kind Savage is such an artful critic.

Incredibly, that ban on Savage is still in place – like a vexing stain on Britain’s proud history of dialogue debate and free expression.

The motivations behind Britain’s unprovoked and unprecedented attack on an American political and cultural commentator are by now well understood. Ever so careful not to slight Muslims by disproportionately banning real terrorists from the country, Britain added Savage to the list of dangerous ne’er-do-wells to provide cover for its otherwise perfectly reasonable actions to defend the country. However, in the process, they smeared – and continue to smear – a brilliant pundit and best-selling author, law-abiding and non-violent American celebrity citizen.

Now that Britain is aflame – and Savage is nowhere in sight as a provocateur – I thought it might be a good time to revisit this shameful episode in British politics.

Banning an insightful, inspiring, entertaining and, yes, provocative American radio talk-show host from its shores did not protect Britain from the kind of violence it was attempting to prevent two years ago. That’s for sure.

With marauding youths burning and pillaging and killing innocent people throughout the country night after night, I suspect a review of Britain’s homeland security policies with respect to Savage is a low priority at the moment.

It would seem apparent, however, that Britain has made less-than-perfect choices about whom to allow into the country and whom to keep out.

Let me put it another way: Britain is worse off today for not having voices like Michael Savage’s present. He’s a witty sage of the airwaves – somebody you might think Britain would be inviting as an honored guest in a free and open society, especially one known for sometimes outrageous but brilliant satire.

Put another way, America is much better off for the artistry of Michael Savage. The only threat Savage poses to a free society is that he might actually expose its concealed dark underbelly of secrets, its abuses, its contradictions, its injustices.

No one has ever been killed as a result of a broadcast by Michael Savage, though I know many people who have been enlightened.

No one has ever been maimed as a result of a best-selling book by Michael Savage, though I know many people who have been entertained.

No one has ever suffered property damage as a result of attending a lecture or performance by Michael Savage, though I know many have been intellectually challenged.

All this is to say Britain has made some colossal mistakes in social policy that are self-evident from the images and videos and reporting we’re all seeing. The misguided decision to ban a harmless troubadour of the right, a gifted soldier of passion and truth, needs to be remembered at a time like this.

I can only hope, once Britain resolves its current social crisis, the political class apologizes to Savage and opens its doors to a cherished and celebrated voice that could actually help address the root problems afflicting the country right now.


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