Norwegian victims to be rehabilitated at Turkey hotels


The relatives of those who were killed in last month’s deadly twin attacks in Norway will be rehabilitated at hotels in Turkey’s popular tourist destination of Antalya, the Turkey media reported on Wednesday. A bomb that exploded on July 22 in the heart of Oslo was followed by a horrific shooting spree on an island hosting a youth retreat for the prime minister’s center-left party.

Oya Demirel, a member of the Scandinavian Life Center (SLC) which operates in coordination with the Norwegian government, said a group of 35 experts from the ministry will travel to Antalya in September to examine the region. “The Norwegian Health Ministry decided that those who were affected by the massacre need rehabilitation. Groups of elderly Norwegians between 65 and 85 who are in need of nursing care and health services were already being sent to Antalya hotels to receive care. We expect that the number of Norwegians sent to Antalya will be 9,000 this year,” she said.

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  2. […] Norwegian victims to be rehabilitated at Turkey hotels […]

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