Survive Food Crisis

Dear American Patriot,

We`d get prepared to the teeth for the next megadisaster… But here`s our situation now, as you`re reading this:

The USA currently owns 72 million MREs… and a few FEMA Camps across the country. That`s it. 72 million MREs for 313,149,000 Americans! And if that wasn’t enough… they dare LIE to us every single day, saying they have enough supplies to feed the entire country, when the truth is…

America has already lost 40% of rice crops, while almost a third of all corn grown in our country is now used for bio fuel. We are forced to import 1/3 of our food , as our crops are no longer enough to feed the entire population.

When commodity prices skyrocket again — and they will in 3 months time, due to the oil prices going through the roof! – there will be a major crash in food industry, just as economists predicted. Most stores will close and only a few supermarkets will be able to pay for supplies.

One day everything’s fine, the next – you’re on the highway to hell, with your house crashing to pieces – all because of an earthquake. Or a flood. Or even a terrorist attack!

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