Balkanist: In Serbia, the mask slips



(…) In a long and detailed resignation letter, Radulovic alleged that Vucic and his staff have been directly involved in covering up numerous instances of corruption.

(…) Radulovic was also a supporter of the so-called “white ballot” movement during the 2012 elections that brought Vucic’s Progressive Party (SNS) to power, calling on voters to cast a blank ballot in protest against all political options on offer. He is still non-partisan today. Vucic tapped him for the position of economy minister after a major reshuffling of the government in September.

(…) Vucic, who has been accused of using allegations of crime and corruption to jail opponents and keep other politicians compliant, moved swiftly this time: Earlier today, his Progressive party called for an “urgent investigation” into the “variety of criminal acts” supposedly perpetrated by Radulovic — a minister Vucic selected himself just months ago.

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