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19 августа, 2011


by , July 30, 2011


On July 26, heavily armed Albanian “special police” attempted to take over two checkpoints on the former administrative border between Kosovo and the rest of Serbia. The two posts are located in a sliver of territory in the north of the province, where local Serbs successfully opposed the Albanian takeover in 1999; as a result, Serbs still live there in relative security, while the few that have survived a decade of pogroms in the rest of Kosovo live in ghettos surrounded by barbed wire and NATO tanks.

The “government” of KLA boss Hashim Thaci, now calling himself Prime Minister, is determined to assert authority over the entire province, brazenly accusing the Serbs in the north of smuggling and organized crime. In mid-July, Thaci tried to ban trade with Serbia, seeking to pressure Belgrade into recognizing the customs stamps of the “Republic of Kosovo.” Taking over the checkpoints would enable the Albanians to enforce the ban in the Serb-inhabited north.

At first, everything went according to plan: Belgrade was mewling about international law and pleading to KFOR, EULEX and the UN (which fell on deaf ears), while the habitually hapless Tadic swore Serbia “would not fight” but only negotiate. He did so from Prague, where the Empire was honoring his sycophancy with an award. Meanwhile, the Serbian military was preoccupied with a NATO exercise in western Ukraine, presumably aimed at protecting, uh, something from someone – but not Serbia, in any case.


Could it be that the Empire is still devoted to the project referenced by the late Rep. Lantos, to impress “jihadists of all color and hue” by supporting “another Muslim state” in Europe? If so, it is working out so well



This site is devoted to the cause of non-interventionism and is read by libertarians, pacifists, leftists, „greens,“ and independents alike, as well as many on the Right who agree with our opposition to imperialism. Our initial project was to fight against intervention in the Balkans under the Clinton presidency. We applied the same principles to Clinton’s campaigns in Haiti and Kosovo and bombings of Sudan and Afghanistan. Our politics are libertarian: our opposition to war is rooted in Randolph Bourne’s concept that „War is the health of the State.“ With every war, America has made a „great leap“ into statism, and as Bourne emphasized, „it is during war that one best understands the nature of that institution [the State].“ At its core, that nature includes an ever increasing threat to individual liberty and the centralization of political power. is one project of our parent foundation, the Randolph Bourne Institute. It is a program that provides a sounding board of interest to all who are concerned about U.S. foreign policy and its implications.

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Dana Loesch, “The Conservative Alternative“

Jon Stewart Destroys Media For Ignoring Ron Paul

Dana Loesch, “The Conservative Alternative“

18 августа, 2011

Dana Loesch is the Editor-in-Chief of Big Journalism and hosts her own daily radio show, The Dana Show: The Conservative Alternative on KFTK 97.1 FM Talk. A former award-winning newspaper columnist, Dana began blogging in 2001 and was named one of the top 16 most powerful mothers online by Neilsen. Dana appears regularly on Fox News, CNN, CBS, and ABC and was the first and only female guest host for the popular Michael Savage, who called her his „Mental Match.“ She speaks regularly on the subject of activism and netroots, serves as co-founder of the St. Louis Tea Party, and is credited with having helped take Dede Scozzafava out of NY23. She and her husband, Chris, live in St. Louis with their two young sons.

Dana Loesch Exposes Attempts to Paint Bachmann as Fringe Candidate:

Norwegian victims to be rehabilitated at Turkey hotels

18 августа, 2011


The relatives of those who were killed in last month’s deadly twin attacks in Norway will be rehabilitated at hotels in Turkey’s popular tourist destination of Antalya, the Turkey media reported on Wednesday. A bomb that exploded on July 22 in the heart of Oslo was followed by a horrific shooting spree on an island hosting a youth retreat for the prime minister’s center-left party.

Oya Demirel, a member of the Scandinavian Life Center (SLC) which operates in coordination with the Norwegian government, said a group of 35 experts from the ministry will travel to Antalya in September to examine the region. “The Norwegian Health Ministry decided that those who were affected by the massacre need rehabilitation. Groups of elderly Norwegians between 65 and 85 who are in need of nursing care and health services were already being sent to Antalya hotels to receive care. We expect that the number of Norwegians sent to Antalya will be 9,000 this year,” she said.

Gold Hits New Record After Chavez Announces Plan To Pull Reserves From US, European Banks

18 августа, 2011



Paul Joseph Watson
Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hugo Chavez’s announcement last night that he was to nationalize the country’s gold mining industry undoubtedly has had an impact on today’s trading.

Chavez likened the people that control the gold industry to “the mafia,” stating, “We can’t keep allowing them to take it away,” as he made public plans to withdraw $11B in gold reserves from U.S. and European banks, including 99 tonnes held with the Bank of England and other reserves held by J.P. Morgan Chase, Barclays, HSBC and Standard Chartered, France’s BNP Paribas and Canada’s Bank of Nova Scotia.

Of the country’s 365.8 tonnes of gold, 211 tonnes is believed to be held abroad.

“At the time of these disturbances, it’s preferable to recover our assets, in this case the gold, and have it here in the vaults,” Venezuelan Central Bank president Nelson Merentes said, adding that it would be re-invested in more stable economies like China, Russia and Brazil.

Jon Stewart Destroys Media For Ignoring Ron Paul

17 августа, 2011
Aug 16, 2011

Stewart reviewed the Sunday morning talk show talking points, and found that, universally, Bachmann, Romney, and Perry were considered the “top tier.” “You’re not forgetting anyone?” Stewart asked, referring to Rep. Paul, who had come in second.

Rep. Paul managed to be ignored over Rick Santorum– “he lost to the guy who lost so bad he dropped out of the race”– and Jon Huntsman, who got 69 votes. “If all of Jon Huntsman’s supporters met at the Ames, Iowa Quiznos, the fire marshal would say, ‘yeah, that’s fine, here are some more seats.’”

Stewart found it bewildering that Rep. Paul had become “the 13th floor of a hotel,” culminating with a clip of a CNN anchor requesting a reporter leave out the Ron Paul reporting if they found any juicy Sarah Palin stuff– saying, in Stewart’s words, “I mean, f*ck that guy, right?”


 Jon Stewart exposes media censorship of Ron Paul



Vote for Ron Paul 2012

Infowars: Reuters Edits Iowa Poll Reality According to Globalist Agenda

Triple-A Idiots – Bankers Launch Next Leg Of Planned Economic Collapse

NATO-backed Kosovo government murders Serbs to steal their organs

Savage and the fall of the U.K.

Vote for Ron Paul 2012

16 августа, 2011


Аbout  Ron Paul 


Infowars: Reuters Edits Iowa Poll Reality According to Globalist Agenda

Savage and the fall of the U.K.

15 августа, 2011


 Joseph Farah


It’s been more than two years since Britain banned entry to American talk-radio phenom Michael Savage, along with a short list of terrorists, neo-Nazis murderers and other vile scum.

It was in May 2009 that the British government released a list of 16 persona non grata – banned so as to protect the country from provocateurs of violence.

Today we should ask London how that deal is working out for them.

I don’t wish to make light of the tragedy of the rioting, looting and mayhem raging across the country, initiated by home-grown hooligans spoon-fed a diet of state socialism and mindless political correctness of the kind Savage is such an artful critic.

Incredibly, that ban on Savage is still in place – like a vexing stain on Britain’s proud history of dialogue debate and free expression.

The motivations behind Britain’s unprovoked and unprecedented attack on an American political and cultural commentator are by now well understood. Ever so careful not to slight Muslims by disproportionately banning real terrorists from the country, Britain added Savage to the list of dangerous ne’er-do-wells to provide cover for its otherwise perfectly reasonable actions to defend the country. However, in the process, they smeared – and continue to smear – a brilliant pundit and best-selling author, law-abiding and non-violent American celebrity citizen.

Now that Britain is aflame – and Savage is nowhere in sight as a provocateur – I thought it might be a good time to revisit this shameful episode in British politics.

Banning an insightful, inspiring, entertaining and, yes, provocative American radio talk-show host from its shores did not protect Britain from the kind of violence it was attempting to prevent two years ago. That’s for sure.

With marauding youths burning and pillaging and killing innocent people throughout the country night after night, I suspect a review of Britain’s homeland security policies with respect to Savage is a low priority at the moment.

It would seem apparent, however, that Britain has made less-than-perfect choices about whom to allow into the country and whom to keep out.

Let me put it another way: Britain is worse off today for not having voices like Michael Savage’s present. He’s a witty sage of the airwaves – somebody you might think Britain would be inviting as an honored guest in a free and open society, especially one known for sometimes outrageous but brilliant satire.

Put another way, America is much better off for the artistry of Michael Savage. The only threat Savage poses to a free society is that he might actually expose its concealed dark underbelly of secrets, its abuses, its contradictions, its injustices.

No one has ever been killed as a result of a broadcast by Michael Savage, though I know many people who have been enlightened.

No one has ever been maimed as a result of a best-selling book by Michael Savage, though I know many people who have been entertained.

No one has ever suffered property damage as a result of attending a lecture or performance by Michael Savage, though I know many have been intellectually challenged.

All this is to say Britain has made some colossal mistakes in social policy that are self-evident from the images and videos and reporting we’re all seeing. The misguided decision to ban a harmless troubadour of the right, a gifted soldier of passion and truth, needs to be remembered at a time like this.

I can only hope, once Britain resolves its current social crisis, the political class apologizes to Savage and opens its doors to a cherished and celebrated voice that could actually help address the root problems afflicting the country right now.


Michael Savage proves KOSOVO is SERBIA!

Infowars: Reuters Edits Iowa Poll Reality According to Globalist Agenda

NIGEL FARAGE CALLS FOR THE UK ARMY TO BACK UP THE UK POLICE FORCE – Alex Jones: Globalist Launch UK Race Wars Using Zombie/Braindead Youth


Infowars: Reuters Edits Iowa Poll Reality According to Globalist Agenda

15 августа, 2011


Alex talks about the fact Ron Paul is the Republican presidential front-runner despite an all-out effort by the political establishment and the corporate media to marginalize and ignore him.

Alex also talks about Rick Perry’s entrance into the race over the weekend and Perry’s effort to portray himself as a conservative Christian Tea Party leader when in fact he is a one-world globalist and former Al Gore campaign manager.


Or how Reuters slit its legitimacy’s wrists.

Tony Cartalucci
Aug 15, 2011

Often cited as a reliable, reputable news source, Reuters is in actuality nothing more than another den of duplicity bought and paid for by the corporate financiers ruling/ruining Western civilization. Their latest article titled, “Bachmann and Perry – a beautiful 2012 rivalry” sidelines reality according to the globalist script so soundly you can almost hear the noses of Reuters editors’ growing. The GOP Iowa debate saw Ron Paul annihilate the competition with counts showing him as far as three times further ahead of the next runner-up Newt Gingrich. However, the final tally of the Iowa straw poll saw establishment footstool Michele Bachmann eke out Ron Paul by a mere 152 votes. Despite the closeness of the race and the immense political ramifications of a candidate labeled by the corporate media as part of “fringe politics” finishing neck-to-neck with the insincere Bachmann, Reuters decided to write about Rick Perry’s insignificant, meaningless, though establishment approved, entry into the GOP 2012 race instead. Not a single mention of Ron Paul was made.

Image: Thomson Rueters, while masquerading as a reputable news agency, in reality maintains an incestuous relationship with globalist corporate-financier interests which it shares memberships with upon the Council on Foreign Relations and the Chatham House. Reuters’ biased reporting indicates impropriety regarding the immense conflict of interest its membership in these elitist think-tanks engender.


Reuters does however mention second place runner up, in the 2007 straw poll that is, Mike Huckabee, as well as Mitt Romney who finished seventh this year in Iowa. Ron Paul is suspiciously edited out of the entire story, despite being a front-runner with 4,671 votes compared to Rick Perry’s back-chaseing 718 votes. If a reader was foolishly depending on Reuters for complete coverage of what took place in Iowa, they might not even know Ron Paul existed – and that is exactly the point.

Rick Perry, who recently and very much farcically claimed America “cannot afford four more years of this rudderless leadership,” already has the frothing madmen currently engineering Obama’s multiple wars behind the scenes, lining up behind him for indeed, four more years of what Perry calls “rudderless leadership.” Foreign Policy recently reported that warmongering Neo-Con scum including Douglas Feith, William Luti, Andrew McCarthy, Charles Stimson, and Daniel Fata, with the help of certified warmonger and corporate fascist Donald Rumsfeld, had been introduced to Rick Perry to help him “brush up” on foreign policy. Also meeting with Perry was Dan Blumenthal of the Neo-Con, Fortune 500-funded AEI, Peter Brookes of the Fortune 500-funded Heritage Foundation (page 35), and Zalmay Khalizad, a fellow Neo-Con warmonger, PNAC signatory, and a member of the extraterritorial meddling National Endowment for Democracy’s board of directors, to help Perry define his “hawk internationalist” foreign policy stance.

By “hawk internationalist,” Foreign Policy indicates that it means, “embracing American exceptionalism and the unique role we must play in confronting the many threats we face.” In actual terms it means embracing more wars, more meddling abroad, more corporate fascist agendas to expand their financial, military, and economic hegemony worldwide ramrodded through at the expense of American sovereignty, treasure, and blood. In all, Perry is a handpicked star candidate for the global elite for whom Reuters really writes for, which is why despite reality, Bachmann and Perry make “a beautiful 2012 rivalry.”

While it would be folly to take one poorly written article clearly biased and detached from reality to malign an entire news organization, Reuters has recently been making quite a case against itself. It has produced the now exposed, disgraced journalist Andrew Marshall who claims to have now quit the news agency to write his own meaningless commentary about equally meaningless US State Department commentary allegedly contained within Wikileaks. To top it all off – he has suspiciously decided to myopically obsess over Wikileaks cables only pertaining to attacking the Thai government and Thai institutions operating beyond globalist control and funding, in tandem with hired globalist lawyer Robert Amsterdam.

Reuters has also joined in on the concerted use of weasel words and citing witness accounts to help sell the war in Libya as well as promote Western intervention in Syria.

Readers will also be interested to know that Thomson Reuters is a corporate member of the globalist Fortune 500 lined Chatham House think tank and the Council on Foreign Relationssignifying a grotesquely overt conflict of interest between their reporting and their defending of a corporate establishment they are incestuously involved with. With this in mind, it is no surprise that they are pushing Perry and Bachmann, two candidates who regardless of which wins, will allow the unraveling of America at the hands of the corporate-financiers of Wall Street and London to continue or perhaps even accelerate unchallenged.

To rework Rick Perry’s cartoonish soundbite into something more palatable, America cannot afford another day of duplicity from the illegitimate, overtly compromised mainstream media and the megalomaniacs that use them to push their psychopathic agenda. Don’t let the slick logos and million-dollar studios fool you, Thompson Reuters with their overt hackery, has slit the wrists of their own legitimacy with their latest article. Expect Reuters to continue bleeding its legitimacy dry, and expect it to be joined by others as reality continues to clash with an ever tenuous globalist narrative unraveling before the world’s eyes.

Infowars: Why is George Soros selling gold and buying farmland?

15 августа, 2011


Mike Adams
Natural News
Aug 15, 2011

Food prices are skyrocketing all across the globe, and there’s no end in sight. The United Nations says food inflation is currently at 30% a year, and the fast-eroding value of the dollar is causing food prices to appear even higher (in contrast to a weakening currency). As the dollar drops in value due to runaway money printing at the Federal Reserve, the cost to import foods from other nations looks to double in just the next two years — and possibly every two years thereafter.

That’s probably why investors around the globe are flocking to farmland as the new growth industry. “Investors are pouring into farmland in the U.S. and parts of Europe, Latin America and Africa as global food prices soar,” reports Bloomberg magazine (…). “A fund controlled by George Soros, the billionaire hedge-fund manager, owns 23.4 percent of South American farmland venture Adecoagro SA.”

Jim Rogers is also quoted in the same story, saying, “I have frequently told people that one of the best investments in the world will be farmland.”

That’s because demand for food is accelerating even as radical climate changes, a loss of fossil water supplies, and the failure of genetically engineered crops is actually reducing food yields around the globe. Ceres Partners, which invests in farmland, has produced astonishing 16 percent annual returns since its launch in 2008. And this is during a depressed economy when most other industries are showing losses.

Why growing and storing your own food can be a goldmine

All this means we can count on three things happening in the years ahead:

Prediction #1) Food supplies will become more scarce.

Prediction #2) Food prices will double over the next 2-3 years, and then probably double again in another 2-3 years.

Prediction #3) When food prices are 400% of today’s levels, backyard farming or gardening pays off big in terms of real dollar savings.

In other words, as food prices skyrocket, it becomes increasingly more financially viable to grow your own food (or store it now while prices are low). I’m listing some resources below where you can learn more about growing your own food or storing high-density superfoods right now, but in the mean time, I’d like you to start considering the idea of starting your own garden in the spring.

You can’t grow gold. You can’t print your own currency (unless you’re the Fed). But you CAN grow something more valuable than gold and money: Food!

Lessons from post World War II Taiwan and why food is more valuable than gold

I lived in Taiwan for two years, and I’ve had the opportunity to talk with people there who lived through the post World War II recovery. During the war, of course, Taiwan was occupied by the imperialist Japanese empire, and Taiwan existed in a state of military occupation (with perpetual martial law).

After the war ended and the Japanese left, Taiwan bootstrapped its own government into power under Chiang Kai-shek. The old Taiwan currency was immediately printed in large quantities by the Taiwan government leading to a runaway inflation scenario for what is now called the “old Taiwan dollar.” Very quickly, however, the government launched a new currency called the New Taiwan dollar (NT$). By 1949, the old Taiwan dollar was being exchanged for the New Taiwan dollar (NT$) at a ratio of 40,000 to 1. (Yep. You had $40,000 and now it’s worth a buck…).

During those years after WWII, if you wanted to rent an apartment, buy a house or find a place to live, cash was worthless and even GOLD wasn’t considered very useful. The only thing that represented real wealth was FOOD. If you had food, you could trade it for anything: an automobile, a home, tools, clothing or even land. If you didn’t have food, you were bankrupt; regardless of how much cash or gold you had.

A chicken that could lay eggs was worth more than an ounce of gold!

You can’t eat gold, folks. And you can’t eat silver. Everybody has to eat to stay alive, and that means everybody needs a constant stream of food just to keep breathing. That’s why investing in food makes so much sense.

And by “investing in food,” I mean any or all of the following:

• Investing in storable food that you can save on the shelf and keep for future use or barter.

• Investing in your own gardening skills so that you have the know-how to produce food when needed.

• Investing in non-hybrid garden seeds so that you have the genetic blueprints to grow food that can propagate itself generation after generation.

• Investing in farmland — especially farmland with water — that offers the fertility and climate to produce food.

• Investing in educational courses that teach you how to create food through a variety of methods: Wildcrafting, gardening, sprouting and so on.

Free resources

We have many FREE resources available on and NaturalNews.TV that help teach you how to grow your own food. Check out the following for starters:


Grow It Yourself: Save Money, Help Earth, and Improve Your Quality of Life…

Green gardening secrets: How to eliminate bugs and pests without using poison…

Food Forests – Design modern solutions from ancient traditions…

How to grow your own pharmaceuticals (plant-based medicines)…


Growing Organic Tomatoes…

See the entire channel of The Raw Food Muscleat:…

Edible Forest Gardening – Garden Mound…

See the entire channel of Living Libationsat:…

Sustainable agriculture: Interview with Farmer Brad…

Other resources (courses and products)

Here at NaturalNews, we’ve also been working diligently on producing educational materials that teach important principles of food storage and food production. Here are some of the resources we have available right now:

Storable Organics is a line of storable ancient grains and superfoods that we created so that we could have long-term storable nutrition for our own families and friends. These foods include quinoa, chia seeds, chlorella tablets, brown rice, spelt, Himalayan sea salt, Boku Superfood and many other

The good news is that for the next week, many of these items are ON SALE at 44% offClick here to check out this huge food preparedness sale at the NaturalNews Store.

“Be Prepared, Not Scared — Food Security” by the Health Ranger and Robert Scott Bell. It’s a nine-hour audio course with bonus videos and special reports that teach you a wealth of information about food storage, home gardening, food preserving, bartering, seeds and a whole lot more.

Click here for instant access to this course.

• “Backyard Food Production” by Marjorie Wildcraft. This 110-minute video course (and 60+ downloadable resource documents) teaches you an innovative, compact system for backyard food production that uses barely 1500 square feet to provide about half the food requirements for a family of four. Incredible information! Proven through years of actual practice on a family farm, this system minimizes outside inputs and provides proteins, vegetables nutrients, healthy fats and a lot more.

Click here to watch the preview video or to access the entire course.

Food skills are about to become essential for survival

No matter what you do, remember to stay informed about growing your own food. It’s something that’s hugely rewarding right now and about to become hugely profitable in the years ahead as food prices continues to skyrocket.

Remember, folks: You can’t eat gold. So make sure food storage and production becomes part of your overall preparedness strategy, too. Yes, gold and silver are extremely useful and I recommend them, too… but don’t forget to feed yourself. You can starve to death in a house built out of solid gold if you forget to cover food production!

NIGEL FARAGE CALLS FOR THE UK ARMY TO BACK UP THE UK POLICE FORCE – Alex Jones: Globalist Launch UK Race Wars Using Zombie/Braindead Youth

10 августа, 2011

UKIP’s Nigel Farage calls for the Army to be used alongside police in keeping a lid on riots

Најпопуларнији коментари:

  • Wow…An englishman with balls, that was last seen between 1941-45 i believe 😉

    L  пре 1 дан 20
  • If you are a libertarian, why not go for the libertarian solution? Obviously, the governmental police is totally inapt to deal with the crimes. What we need is:

    1. privatize the streets to residents, so that they are in charge of security

    2. allow full gun ownership so that the residents have all means to defend their property

    I believe this is more effectively and politically less dangerous than using the army for security.

    s пре 23 сата(и) 9

Anonymous Operation Destroy Facebook

9 августа, 2011

The hacktivist group Anonymous has issued a YouTube video in English, Spanish and German announcing plans to destroy the world’s biggest social network, Facebook.

The hackers offer anyone concerned with the spread of personal information on the web to join the cause and “kill Facebook for the sake of your own privacy” in the action that “will go down in history,” setting the date for November 5, 2011.

Facebook has been selling information to government agencies and giving clandestine access to information security firms so that they can spy on people from around the world,” the video statement, recorded in a typical digitally-altered voice says.


Search & Destroy: Why You Can’t Trust Google Inc

Triple-A Idiots – Bankers Launch Next Leg Of Planned Economic Collapse

8 августа, 2011

Triple-A Idiots

Robert Kuttner 

Co-founder and co-editor, The American Prospect 

You have to hand it to Standard and Poor’s. Forget their two-trillion dollar math error. The whole idea that these clowns are evaluating the creditworthiness of the United States is just loony. 

For starters, these are the same people who brought us the crisis, by blessing junk sub-prime loans as AAA securities. And they did so because they were paid as consultants by the same financial scoundrels who created the securities. 

The executives of the credit rating companies — not „agencies,“ for these are private, profit-making, essentially unregulated companies, not public entities — belong in prison. 

They managed to slither out of serious regulation under the Dodd-Frank Act. Their sketchy business models go merrily on, pretty much as before, as if the sub-prime scandal never happened. Rules for the minimal regulation provided by Dodd-Frank have yet to be written.

(…) So exactly what esoteric insight does Standard and Poors add that the markets don’t already know? It beats me.

Their enterprise is so scientific that the three major credit rating companies can’t even agree on a rating for theU.S.They should take up astrology.

This sorry tale is part of the larger corruption of private regulation of the world’s financial markets. Greece, Italy, Spain, Ireland and Portugal are under assault today in part because large hedge funds are gambling, using essentially unregulated credit default swaps, often „naked“ swaps backed by no reserves, betting that these nations will default…


Bankers Launch Next Leg Of Planned Economic Collapse

The next leg of the planned economic collapse has now been launched with the stock market once again plunging as the Federal Reserve prepares to launch QE3, and it’s all part of the transfer of wealth from America to the offshore elite that we have been warning about for years.

As we highlighted over two years ago, shortly before Barack Obama declared the recession to be over and the stock market was artificially inflated once more, we warned that the next phase of the financial pillaging would bring about a “sucker’s rally,” with investors believing the hype about a non-existent “recovery” and ploughing all their money back into the system, only to see the rug pulled out from under their feet for a second time. 


Italy probing rating agencies

ROME–  Italian prosecutors are investigating two leading credit rating agencies after consumer groups complained about turbulence on financial markets, officials said Thursday.

Recent reports and rating decisions issued by Moody’s and Standard & Poors amount to a „failure“ of judgment regarding Italy’s government finances, prosecutor Carlo Maria Capristo told Italian broadcaster Sky TG24 TV.

The ratings agencies „have lost all credibility,“ Elio Lannutti, head of the Adusbef consumer group told Sky TV.

Standard & Poors said the accusations were unfounded.

„S&P considers the allegations being investigated are without any merit. We will vigorously defend our actions, our reputation and that of our analysts,“ said a statement from the ratings agency.


More Violence In London And Now Birmingham 


Rally Rage: ‘Israeli Tahrir’


Pollster: Americans Are “Pre-Revolutionary” 

Amidst riots in central Europe that have now spread to London and a debt downgrade that threatens to plunge the United States into a double-dip recession, Americans’ lack of confidence in their leadership is so crippled that they are now “pre-revolutionary,” according to pollster Pat Caddell. 

A new Rasmussen poll shows that just 17 per cent of Americans believe that the U.S. government has the consent of the governed, an all time low. This dovetails with a record low for Congress’ approval rating, which stands at a paltry 6 per cent, while 46 per cent of Americans think most members of Congress are corrupt, with just 29% believing otherwise. 


China is demanding “international supervision over the U.S. dollar” and says they are looking at the option of creating a new single global currency to replace the dollar altogether. With no where else to put all of that money China will be forced to invest it into a one world currency. 


The Economic Recovery is an Illusion

октобар 20, 2009

by Andrew Gavin Marshall
Global Research, October 3, 2009


When just 10 percent of the population holds an unshakable belief, their belief will always be adopted by the majority of the society

7 августа, 2011

Scientists Discover Tipping Point for the Spread of Ideas

ScienceDaily (July 26, 2011) — Scientists at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute have found that when just 10 percent of the population holds an unshakable belief, their belief will always be adopted by the majority of the society. The scientists, who are members of the Social Cognitive Networks Academic Research Center (SCNARC) at Rensselaer, used computational and analytical methods to discover the tipping point where a minority belief becomes the majority opinion. The finding has implications for the study and influence of societal interactions ranging from the spread of innovations to the movement of political ideals.

„When the number of committed opinion holders is below 10 percent, there is no visible progress in the spread of ideas. It would literally take the amount of time comparable to the age of the universe for this size group to reach the majority,“ said SCNARC Director Boleslaw Szymanski, the Claire and Roland Schmitt Distinguished Professor at Rensselaer.

Once that number grows above 10 percent, the idea spreads like flame.“


The findings were published in the July 22, 2011, early online edition of the journal Physical Review E in an article titled „Social consensus through the influence of committed minorities.“

An important aspect of the finding is that the percent of committed opinion holders required to shift majority opinion does not change significantly regardless of the type of network in which the opinion holders are working. In other words, the percentage of committed opinion holders required to influence a society remains at approximately 10 percent, regardless of how or where that opinion starts and spreads in the society.

To reach their conclusion, the scientists developed computer models of various types of social networks. One of the networks had each person connect to every other person in the network. The second model included certain individuals who were connected to a large number of people, making them opinion hubs or leaders. The final model gave every person in the model roughly the same number of connections. The initial state of each of the models was a sea of traditional-view holders. Each of these individuals held a view, but were also, importantly, open minded to other views.

Once the networks were built, the scientists then „sprinkled“ in some true believers throughout each of the networks. These people were completely set in their views and unflappable in modifying those beliefs. As those true believers began to converse with those who held the traditional belief system, the tides gradually and then very abruptly began to shift.


The research is part of a much larger body of work taking place under SCNARC at Rensselaer. The center joins researchers from a broad spectrum of fields — including sociology, physics, computer science, and engineering — in exploring social cognitive networks. The center studies the fundamentals of network structures and how those structures are altered by technology. The goal of the center is to develop a deeper understanding of networks and a firm scientific basis for the newly arising field of network science. More information on the launch of SCNARC can be found at…tappvar=page(1)

Szymanski, Sreenivasan, and Korniss were joined in the research by Professor of Mathematics Chjan Lim, and graduate students Jierui Xie (first author) and Weituo Zhang.

Minority rules: Scientists discover tipping point for the spread of ideas


Ethnic cleansing of Serbs from Croatia, August 1995

4 августа, 2011


On 4th August 1995 Croatian army during Operation Storm brutally expelled 250,000 Serbs from their centuries-old homes. It was the biggest ethnic cleansing since the Second World War.

Operation Storm is, officially by the UN court in The Hague, clearly characterized as a crime against humanity. Essentially speaking, the Storm is a continuation of the philosophy NDH (Croatian fascist state during the Second World War), which was publicly proclaimed in a phrase „to kill a third of the Serbs, expel a third, and the rest convert to Catholicism“ (more about Independent state of Croatia can be found on ).

Despite all these facts, today’s Croatia, which calls itself democratic and anti-fascist, celebrates the exodus of a quarter million people as the greatest national holiday! The entire national leadership, from President Ivo Josipovic to Prime Minister Jadranka Kosor participate in celebrations of the Croatian Operation Storm. As part of these celebrations, in front of tens of thousands of people one of the most popular Croatian singers holds the concerts in which he glorifies brutal killing of Serbian civilians, women and children ( ). In their songs they are proudly calling themselves „BUTCHERS“.

Stop this evil while you still can! Europe cannot allow the entry of Croatia into the EU while the leaders of Croatia do not publicly distance from these monstrous crimes and until they do not forbid the celebration of genocidal Operation Storm! Stop the mockery of the victims of this heavy genocide! Stop the neo-fascism in the heart of the Europe.

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Look at the video of one of the most brutal genocides in the human history, click here.

NATO-backed Kosovo government murders Serbs to steal their organs

NATO-backed Kosovo government murders Serbs to steal their organs

4 августа, 2011


Michael Savage proves KOSOVO is SERBIA!

Kosovo’s PM ‘head of organ ring’

Open Society & al-Qaeda & Kosovo i Metohija


The Island – Russian movie – Trailer

1 августа, 2011 

Somewhere in Nothern Russia in a small Russian Orthodox monastery lives a very unusual man. His fellow-monks are confused by his bizarre conduct. Those who visit the island believe that the man has the power to heal, exorcise demons and foretell the future. However, he considers himself unworthy because of a sin he committed in his youth.

“Srpski film“ – Šok koridor – A Serbian Film – Trailer

31 јула, 2011

A Serbian Film – Trailer


 A Serbian Film (Serbian: Српски филм / Srpski film) is a 2010 Serbian horror film set in Serbia.



Teror političke korektnosti

Broj 606, Datum objave: 30.07.2011.

Piše: Nenad Jovanović

Gost nedavno završenog Fantastic Zagreb Film Festivala bio je i Aleksandar Aca Radivojević, dramaturg i koscenarist “Srpskog filma” i “Čarlstona za Ognjenku” te dobar poznavalac situacije u kojoj se danas nalazi srpski film.

Kad ste sa Srđanom Spasojevićem krenuli u poduhvat zvan “Srpski film”, priču o porno glumcu koji pristaje na igru s đavlom kako bi svojoj porodici osigurao egzistenciju, da li ste očekivali toliko kontroverzi, zabrana i sugestija za kraćenje? 

“Srpski film” još je uvek aktualan u svetu i postigao je nezapamćen uspeh što se tiče domaćeg filma. Ne znam kad je poslednji put jedan srpski film išao u neki američki bioskop, pa makar i u cenzurisanoj verziji. Mislim da je napravio popriličan odjek u svetu, što još uvek ne jenjava. (…) Ne mogu da verujem da to može da se desi u takozvanoj slobodnoj Evropi, u kojoj caruju takav fašizam političke korektnosti i diktat dobrog ukusa, koji zaštitu nekakvih vrednosti provode kao što se provodi zabrana pušenja. Ali raduje me da smo i pored svih skandala uspeli sve to da srušimo.

Ja sam “Srpski film” shvatio i kao dekameron nasilja i seksualnih izopačenja. Da li je od prizora u filmu još strašnija činjenica da su svi ti slučajevi zabilježeni u crnim kronikama? 

– Svakako. Iako se skoro svakodnevno događaju kojekakve strahote koje smo prikazali u filmu, društvo želi da zaštiti narod od, po njihovom mišljenju, negativnih uticaja, kako bi mogao da živi svoje male nesrećne živote sa što manje uznemiravanja.

ceo intervju 


Šok Koridor (insert iz emisije) 

Šok Koridor – Low Budget filmovi  

Always Look On The Bright Side of Life

29 јула, 2011

Life of Brian

Michael Savage proves KOSOVO is SERBIA!

29 јула, 2011

 The Truth About Kosovo and Metohija (KOSMET)


Dr. Michael Savage is a multimedia icon in the conservative movement, heard by 10 million listeners a week on “The Michael Savage Show,” and syndicated across the U.S. in over 300 markets. He is also the author of 25 books, including four New York Times bestsellers. In 2007, his media presence and profile earned him the coveted “Freedom of Speech Award” from Talkers Magazine.


Kosovo’s PM ‘head of organ ring’

Kosovo’s Mafia: How the US and allies ignore allegations of organized crime at the highest levels of a new democracy


America’s Veterans: The Serbian People Are Heroes!

Alex Jones vs. Glenn Beck

27 јула, 2011

March 4, 2011

Talk-radio host Alex Jones established himself as a giant in America’s conspiracy subculture. The godfather of the 9/11 Truth Movement, Jones is the most popular chronicler of what he believes is a New World Order plot to enslave the global population.

Until recently, he was a lonely and little-known voice in the short wave and Internet radio wilderness. But as his audience has grown, other talk show hosts have taken notice — and cues. Among his most ardent imitators is Glenn Beck, whom Jones has accused of stealing his ideas, guests, and research. Last week, Jones posted a video clip on his site, InfoWars, offering evidence of this theft.

He rips me off and spins the information, often injecting lies into the truth,” says Jones.

So, is Alex Jones really the invisible senior writer of Beck’s TV and radio shows? If the below is any indication, the answer is “Yes.”

1. “Inside-Job” Terror

Alex Jones was the first 9/11 Truther. Two months before the attacks took place, in July of 2001, Jones warned that the U.S. government was planning to blow up the World Trade Center and blame Osama bin Laden.


Scorecard: Rip-off and redirection. Beck takes a page from Jones in discussing state-sponsored terror, but twists it for use against Democrats — ignoring Jones’ more radical theory that both parties are historically capable of heinous acts against their own people. 


4. Fabian Socialists, Eugenics and George Bernard Shaw
Alex Jones and his guests have long covered the history of eugenics, including the role of George Bernard Shaw, the playwright and unabashed eugenicist. Alex’s 2007 documentary film Endgame takes an in-depth look at Shaw, who has been discussed on-air many times, including here. In January, 2010, Glenn Beck’s documentary The Revolutionary Holocaust included the exact same clips of Shaw as those discussed or shown on The Alex Jones Show. Later, Beck would revisit the subject to link eugenics and Fabian Socialists to the London School of Economics and his favorite new target, George Soros.

Scorecard: Classic example of Beck stealing material from Jones and stripping it of context so as to better attack Beck’s progressive straw-men — in this case George Soros and other usual suspects found on Beck’s chalk board. 


6. Google Boycott & Google’s Ties to U.S. Government
Alex Jones has been calling out Google as a front and ally to the NSA and other U.S.- backed intelligence since at least 2006, when he had expert Robert Steele on to discuss Google’s founding and funding. Lately, in an offshoot of his theory regarding tumult in the Mideast, Beck has begun to blast Google’s ties to the government, as well as alleged leftist ties to the revolution. But he has not condemned systematic, universal spying and cataloguing of data by Google. This quickly drew Jones’ ire.

Scorecard: Once again, Beck seems to be taking a critique from Jones and reverse engineering it as a weapon to attack the left, ignoring its more sweeping condemnation of Google or its activities under both Republican and Democratic administrations. 


The Fall of the House of Murdoch

Deadly terror attack in Norwegian capital – At least 91 Students killed at Utoya

23 јула, 2011

Ansar al-Jihad’s Abu Sulayman al-Nasir allegedly posted a message claiming responsibility for the Oslo attacks on the Arabic-language jihadist forum Shamikh. According to a partial translation by terrorism expert Will McCants of Jihadica, al-Nasir claims the attacks were in retribution for the occupation of Afghanistan by foreign troops and unnamed insults to the Muslim prophet Muhammad.

At least 30 people are feared dead after a gunman opened fired at a summer youth camp outside of Oslo. About 600 people, most of them teenagers, were attending an event at the camp, which was reportedly sponsored by Norway’s Labor Party. The shooting occurred just hours after a bomb explosion ravaged a key government building in central Oslo, killing at least seven. Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg, who was unharmed by the Oslo blast, had been scheduled to visit the camp on Friday.


Police believe Anders Behring Breivik are responsible for the bomb at the ministries, and the terrible tragedy of Utøya.

He is, after the experience, member of the Masonic Order.


Open Society & al-Qaeda & Kosovo i Metohija

Srebrenica – “A town betrayed“, Ola Flyum, Oslo, Norway

Bin Ladin’s Balkan Hosts — A Missed Opportunity

Kosovo’s Mafia: How the US and allies ignore allegations of organized crime at the highest levels of a new democracy

The forgotten Orthodox Christians of Bosnia and Kosovo

The Fall of the House of Murdoch

17 јула, 2011
Project Syndicate: the world’s pre-eminent source of original op-ed commentaries. A unique collaboration of distinguished opinion makers from every corner of the globe, Project Syndicate provides incisive perspectives on our changing world by those who are shaping its politics, economics, science, and culture.
Exclusive, trenchant, unparalleled in scope and depth: Project Syndicate is truly A World of Ideas.
Additional support comes from the Open Society Institute (George Soros).

Jonathan Schell is a Fellow at The Nation Institute and is a visiting fellow at Yale University. He is the author of The Seventh Decade: The New Shape of Nuclear Danger.

NEW YORK – During the four decades since the Watergate affair engulfed US President Richard Nixon, politicians have repeatedly ignored the scandal’s main lesson: the cover-up is worse than the crime. Like Nixon, they have paid a higher price for concealing their misdeeds than they would have for the misdeeds alone.

Now, for once, comes a scandal that breaks that rule: the United Kingdom’s phone-hacking affair, which has shaken British politics to its foundations. Over the past decade, the tabloid newspaper The News of the World, owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation, targeted 4,000 people’s voicemail. The list includes not only royalty, celebrities, and other VIPs, but also the families of servicemen killed in Afghanistan and Iraq, and those of victims of the July 2005 terrorist attack in London.

It all unraveled when The Guardian reported that the tabloid had hacked into the voicemail of missing 13-year-old Milly Dowler, apparently in the hope of obtaining some private expressions of family members’ grief or desperation that it could splash on its front page. When the girl’s murdered body was found six months later, the family and the police thought she might still be alive, because The News of the World’s operatives were deleting messages when her phone’s mailbox became full. (According to Scotland Yard, Murdoch hacks reportedly bribed mid-level police officers to supply information as well.)

In the extensive annals of eavesdropping, all of this is something new. Not even Stalin wiretapped the dead.

A cover-up ensued. James Murdoch, Rupert’s son and Chairman and Chief Executive of News Corporation’s European and Asian operations, authorized a secret payment of £1 million ($1.6 million) to buy the silence of hacking victims. Millions of in-house emails reportedly have been destroyed. Still, it seems safe to say that the peculiarly repellant inhumanity of the original deeds will remain more shocking than the details of this or any other cover-up.

Even so, the political consequences of the phone-hacking scandal will depend on far more than the outcome of the official investigations now underway in Britain. Above all, the scandal’s impact will depend on how governments and citizens assess what News Corporation really is.

The Murdochs call News Corporation a journalistic enterprise. In fact, it is, first, an entertainment company, with the bulk of its revenue coming from its film and television holdings. Second, and more importantly, it is a propaganda machine for right-wing causes and political figures.

This is News Corporation’s main face in the US, in the form of Fox News, whose hallmark has been relentless propagation of right-wing ideology. Whereas political propaganda had once been the domain of governments and political parties, Fox News is formally independent of both – though it overwhelmingly serves the interests of America’s Republican Party.

In Britain, News Corporation has been creating a sort of state unto itself by corrupting the police, assuming police powers of surveillance, and intimidating politicians into looking the other way. In the US, it has behaved similarly, using corporate media power to breathe life into a stand-alone political organization, the Tea Party.

All of this is far removed from what a journalistic organization is supposed to do. Journalism’s essential role in a democracy is to enable people to fulfill their roles as citizens by providing information about government, other powerful institutions, civil movements, international events, and so on. But News Corporation replaces such journalism with titillation and gossip, as it did when it took over the 168-year-old News of the World and turned it into a tabloid in 1984, and with partisan campaigns, as it did when it created Fox News in 1996.

Not surprisingly, at Fox News, as at many other News Corporation outlets, editorial independence is sacrificed to iron-fisted centralized control. News and commentary are mingled in an uninterrupted stream of political campaigning. Ideology trumps factuality. And major Republican figures, including possible contenders for the party’s presidential nomination, are hired as “commentators.” Indeed, its specific genius has been to turn propaganda into a popular and financial success.

Given The News of the World’s profitability, no one should be surprised if the Murdochs have been replicating their sunken British flagship’s reprehensible behavior elsewhere. But, whatever else is revealed, the UK phone-hacking scandal is of a piece with the Murdochs’ transformation of news into propaganda: both reflect an assault on democracy’s essential walls of separation between media, the state, and political parties. The Murdochs are fusing these entities into a single unaccountable power that, as we see in Britain today, lacks any restraint or scruple.

That effort should compel us to confront an uncomfortable reality underlying both the British phone-hacking scandal, with its penumbra of appalling cruelty and wanton corruption, and Fox News, America’s most popular news channel: too many people want what the News Corporation has been offering. And what too many people want can be dangerous to a civilized, law-based society.

To glimpse just how dangerous, consider Italy, where Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s MediaSet conglomerate has seduced broad swathes of the electorate since the 1980’s with a Murdoch-like combination of insipid variety shows and partisan political theater. When Italy’s postwar party system collapsed in the early 1990’s, Berlusconi was able to establish his own political party, win power, and, over the course of three governments, bend laws and government institutions to serve his business and personal interests.

The News Corporation seems determined to take Britain and the US down a similar path. But now, at least in Britain, the political class is in revolt. Prime Minister David Cameron – who previously cultivated close ties with News Corporation leaders, even employing as his press secretary The News of the World’s former editor, who was recently arrested for his role in the scandal – called the phone hacking “disgusting.” Meanwhile, Labour leaders, who had also sought the Murdochs’ favor, have vowed to block News Corporation’s bid for full ownership of Britain’s largest pay-television broadcaster. Whether the rebellion will jump across the Atlantic remains to be seen.

Jonathan Schell


Open Society & al-Qaeda & Kosovo i Metohija

Tea Party movement

Kosovo’s PM ‘head of organ ring’

The Life and Death of Marina Abramović

13 јула, 2011

Ana Popović – Blues For M

13 јула, 2011

„Du hast“ by Viva Vox Choir, Belgrade

13 јула, 2011



The Revolution Business (Otpor! Resistance! movement in Serbia and Arab Spring)

13 јула, 2011

Srebrenica – “A town betrayed“, Ola Flyum, Oslo, Norway

6 јула, 2011

“A town betrayed“, Ola Flyum, Oslo, Norway

Part 1


Part 2


Part 3


Part 4


whole movie 59:10 


Open Society & al-Qaeda & Kosovo i Metohija

јул 1, 2011

Bin Ladin’s Balkan Hosts — A Missed Opportunity

мај 23, 2011

Kosovo’s PM ‘head of organ ring’

децембар 15, 2010

The forgotten Orthodox Christians of Bosnia and Kosovo

Lee Jay Walker

Global Security News

Exit looks to the future

3 јула, 2011

By Ivana Jovanovic for Southeast European Times in Novi Sad — 30/06/11

When the first Exit festival took place in 2000, organiser Dushan Kovacevic was a 22-year-old electrical engineering student and member of the anti-Milosevic group Оtpor. He longed to see world-class musical events come to Serbia, and to have the opportunity to communicate with people from different cultural backgrounds.

Although he did not know much about organisational management, he did not let that stop him. Supported by two of his best friends — who were also comrades in the struggle against the Milosevic regime and against the turbo-folk music that was representative of the era — Kovacevic established Exit and succeeded in persuading CNN and the BBC to present a different view of Serbia.
photoExit festival founder Dushan Kovacevic. [Nada Bozic/SETimes]

Open Society & al-Qaeda & Kosovo i Metohija

1 јула, 2011


On Thursday, the United States and the European Union warned that Libyan Army weapons may make their way to al-Qaeda, specifically al-Qaeda of the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM). AQIM is reportedly active in the Sahara. Homeland Security boss Janet Napolitano teamed up with her European counterparts and discussed how to prevent the transfer, according to the Egyptian Gazette… If blame is to be placed for arming al-Qaeda, it should fall on France. On Wednesday, France became the first NATO country to openly acknowledge arming the so-called rebels. Le Figaro newspaper said France had parachuted rocket launchers, assault rifles, machine guns and anti-tank missiles into the Western Mountains of Libya in early June.
 The reports connect George Soros to the Muslim Brotherhood through his various shadow organizations including the International Crisis Group and his new spokesmen, Marwan Muasher and Mohamed ElBaradei.
14 May 2007 – EXECUTIVE SUMMARY AND RECOMMENDATIONS – International Crisis Group
The debate on Kosovo’s future status has reached a crucial point. The best way of ensuring regional peace and stability and lifting Kosovo out of an eight-year-long limbo, with a tired, temporary UN administration and an undeveloped, low-growth economy, is a resolution based squarely on the plan of UN Special Envoy Martti Ahtisaari. This would supersede UNSC Resolution 1244 (1999), define Kosovo’s internal settlement and minority-protection mechanisms, mandate a new international presence and allow for supervised independence. 
Belgrade, 30 June 2011
Head of the Serbian negotiating team in the dialogue with the provisional institutions of self-government in Pristina Borislav Stefanovic said today that Serbia and the team will not do anything that would certify the province’s independence.

The forgotten Orthodox Christians of Bosnia and Kosovo

Lee Jay Walker

Global Security News 

 Monday, May 9th, 2011

I come from a member state of the European Union which is meant to uphold the rights of all religions, political ideologies, acknowledge national and cultural rights, and is meant to spread “European brotherhood.”  However, it appears that this does not apply to the Orthodox Christians of Bosnia and Kosovo respectively because not only have they been abandoned but outside Islamic powers are stepping up their Islamization agenda in both Bosnia and Kosovo.

In Kosovo the de-Christianization of the Orthodox Christian community continues and hundreds of Orthodox Christian churches have been destroyed but little was done to protect this community.  It should be remembered that the Christian Serbs helped to preserve the shared European identity in history from the marauding Islamic Turks who enslaved countless numbers of Christians throughout the Balkans during the Ottoman Empire.

Yet in modern times it is clear that Iran, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and other non-European nations, are intent on creating an Islamized Balkans and this applies to Albania, Bosnia, the Sandzak in Serbia, northeastern Bulgaria and the Rhodope Mountains region, Kosovo, Macedonia, and Montenegro. At the same time increasing Islamic immigration in Greece is creating tensions and Turkey is intent on preserving its armed forces in northern Cyprus.

The above mentioned places may sometimes have a continuous border line or they may be divided by geography and thinking because you have many branches within Islam. However, for pan-Islamists in Bosnia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and a host of other nations, it is a dream and clearly the European Union alongside America supported the “green flag of Islam” during the collapse of Yugoslavia.

(…) Therefore, while Muslim nations and radical Islamic charities are spreading radical Islam in the Balkans you have the reality of Serbian Orthodox Christians in Kosovo being abandoned and clearly the Bosnian Serbian entity is not desired by America, the European Union or important Islamic nations.

(…)  It is clear that America and the European Union desires a unified Bosnia and Islamic elites within the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina are hoping that the Republic Srpska will be swallowed up.

Currently you have a Christian majority within all of Bosnia but the majority is slender and given the higher Muslim birthrate and the reality of what happened to the majority Christian population of Kosovo in history then the future looks bleak. In truth, if you look at history then it is nigh impossible to find a stable Muslim democratic nation where democracy flourished and where religious minorities also grew and had full equality within the legal system.

De-Christianization in Kosovo is a modern day reality when it applies to the Serbian Orthodox Christian community and this applies to the decreasing Serbian population, destruction of Christian churches, the eradication of Serbian architecture, and constant persecution and marginalization by the majority Muslim Albanian population.

The late Patriarch Pavle who sadly passed away in November, 2009, stated ( that This humble publication is our cry and appeal to the Christian and civilized world. It is distressing to learn that in the year of the greatest Christian Jubilee, at the end of two millenniums of Christianity, Christian churches are still being destroyed, not in a war but in the time of peace guaranteed by the international community. We hope that these photos of the destroyed and desecrated Orthodox shrines will awaken the conscience of those who are able to stop the crimes and believe that they who already stood up against one evil will not remain just passive witnesses of another evil happening now in their presence.”

However, the same mass media which distorted the conflict is now the same mass media which is mainly silent about current events in Kosovo. Also, the Bosnian Serbian leadership in Republic Srpska is marginalized by the international community because Western nations prefer the Muslim elites in Sarajevo.

Maybe one day the Serbian Orthodox Christian community in Bosnia will face the same fate which befell their co-religionists in Kosovo.  After all, Islamic nations and organizations are funding many Islamic institutions throughout the region and added to the higher Muslim birthrate and pro-American policies towards the Muslims of Bosnia and Kosovo then this could become a future reality.

What is clear is that time is not on the side of the Republic Srpska because either it will join with Serbia or become an independent state whereby Serbians will be guaranteed their freedom. Or it will be swallowed up by the American backed unitary Bosnian state under the Muslim elites of Bosnia and with the full backing of many Islamic nations.

If the latter happens and with the reality of the higher Muslim birthrate then in time the Serbian population will be further marginalized. Or at worse the Bosnian Serbs will face their “Kosovo Golgotha” and given the events of past history and the ongoing reality of de-Christianization of the Serbian Orthodox Christian community in Kosovo then this scenario is a clear possibility.



Nikola Tesla

30 јуна, 2011


When i was in school all i heard of was Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Henry Ford etc.

They never talked up Nicolas Tesla.

I wonder why?

Some 100 years later this banking families are still screwing us and destroying countries financially.

Everything to make way New World order. They don’t give a shit about money because they create the money. They want absolute control.

MrFabre…1987      (two weeks ago)

Tesla Secret

In 2007, MIT scientists proved Nikola Tesla’s claims about a free energy system which wirelessly transmits power to your home…

Bilderberg 2011

13 јуна, 2011


Charlie Skelton
London Guardian
June 13, 2011

On his way back from Bilderberg, Alexei Mordashov, the Russian steel magnate, swept through the airport checkpoint in a window-tinted people carrier. Here he is, about to board his private jet at St Moritz airport:

Still, we got to enjoy the two-tone swirls of Fu Ying (China’s Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs and current Chinese Ambassador to the UK) on Lord Mandelson’s nature walk. Here’s a reminder: it’s Fu Ying strolling with Neelie Kroes, European Commissioner for Digital Agenda and a Vice President of the European Commission.

Ying and Kroes

More video footage and photos of Bilderberg Group members on their bizarre stroll down the mountain which took place on Saturday that was quickly ambushed by journalists and activists.


Kurt Nimmo
June 13, 2011

The Bilderbergers are not a secret society, insists Andrew Kakabadse, a professor at Cranfield University School of Management. The meeting is just a get-together of bankers and business magnates who understand how capitalism works and are trying to help.

Henry Kissinger, Bill Clinton, Prince Charles, Peter Mandelson, George Osborne, Tony Blair, Eric Schmidt – these are merely interesting people who were sent invitations. It’s basically nothing more than rich people saying nice things to each other, Kakabadse explains.

Nothing to see here. Please move along.

On other hand, the professor says when royalty rubs elbows with Wall Street and former presidents, wars are prevented and crises “smoothed out.”

If you believe any of this, I have a bridge for sale.

It is interesting that Bloomberg feels compelled to explain away Bilderberg. In the past, they would simply ignore the annual meeting.

Now they describe Kissinger and Rockefeller as somewhat boring folks who prevent wars and financial crises.


Saudis to Quit Oil Business?

The world’s richest oil state is doing the incredible…

And a handful of tiny U.S. stocks could soon explode as a result.

Stansberry & Associates Investment Research

Tea Party movement

13 јуна, 2011


Liberal Christian Group Says You Must Choose:

Ayn Rand or…Jesus

Prominent GOP leaders have praised Rand’s philosophy and beliefs. But Rand made it clear that you can’t follow her and Christ. AVN claims that Rand’s teachings are a “direct contradiction to the Bible.”
Alisa Zinov’yevna Rosenbaum (Ayn Rand), February 2 [ January 20] 1905 – March 6, 1982, was a Russian-American ( Russian Jew) novelist, philosopher, playwright, and screenwriter. She is known for her two best-selling novels and for developing a philosophical system she called Objectivism.
 „I am not primarily an advocate of capitalism, but of egoism; and I am not primarily an advocate of egoism, but of reason. If one recognizes the supremacy of reason and applies it consistently, all the rest follows.“
Rand’s political philosophy emphasized individual rights (including property rights), and she considered laissez-faire capitalism the only moral social system because in her view it was the only system based on the protection of those rights. She was a fierce opponent of all forms of collectivism and statism, including fascism, communism, socialism, and the welfare state.Rand believed rights should be enforced by a constitutionally limited government.
In metaphysics, Rand embraced philosophical realism and atheism, and opposed anything she regarded as mysticism or supernaturalism, including all forms of religion.
In ethics, Rand argued for rational egoism (rational self-interest), as the guiding moral principle. She said the individual should „exist for his own sake, neither sacrificing himself to others nor sacrificing others to himself.“
Although she rejected the labels „conservative“ and „libertarian,“ Rand has had continuing influence on right-wing politics and libertarianism. Jim Powell, a senior fellow at the Cato Institute, considers Rand one of the three most important women (along with Rose Wilder Lane and Isabel Paterson) of modern American libertarianism, and David Nolan, one of the founders of the Libertarian Party, stated that „without Ayn Rand, the libertarian movement would not exist.“ In his history of the libertarian movement, journalist Brian Doherty described her as „the most influential libertarian of the twentieth century to the public at large,“ and biographer Jennifer Burns referred to her as „the ultimate gateway drug to life on the right.“ Despite Rand’s untraditionally Republican stance as a pro-choice atheist, the political figures who cite Rand as an influence are most often conservative or libertarian members of the United States Republican Party. She often took controversial stances on political and social issues of the day. These included supporting abortion rights, opposing the Vietnam War and the military draft (but condemning many draft dodgers as „bums“), supporting Israel in the Arab-Israeli War of 1973 as „civilized men fighting savages“, saying European colonists had the right to take land from American Indians, and calling homosexuality „immoral“ and „disgusting“, while also advocating the repeal of all laws against it.
 In 1951 Rand moved from Los Angeles to New York City, where she gathered a group of these admirers around her. This group (jokingly designated „The Collective“) included future Federal Reserve ChairmanAlan Greenspan.

Big Brother Boss: It’s Time for Federal Gov to Employ People and Create Middle Class; Top Congressional Obama Ally Schakowsky Admits Jobs Dems Created Are Low Income, Says Americans Don’t Know What Collective Bargaining Is

What is the Vatican hiding?

6 јуна, 2011


The Vatican’s Complicity in Genocide in Fascist Croatia – The Suppressed Chapter of Holocaust History

by Barry Lituchy, 10 May 1998


Fourteen years ago the U.S. Government de-classified the now famous „La Vista Report“ of May 15, 1947, a top-secret U.S. Army Intelligence report documenting the Vatican’s role in aiding the escape of numerous high-ranking Nazi war criminals, among them Ante Pavelic, fascist leader of wartime Croatia; Franz Stangel, Commander of Treblinka; Eduard Roschmann, „the Butcher of Riga“; Klaus Barbie, „the Butcher of Lyon“; SS General Walter Rauff, inventor of the mobile gas truck; Adolf Eichmann, „architect of the Holocaust“; and tens of thousands of others.

(…) Far from suggesting that the Vatican did anything wrong, the document instead tries to portray the role of the Church during the Holocaust in a mostly positive light, insisting that „many“ members of the Church did „give every possible assistance“ — implying that those who didn’t were a minority, and going on to claim that the Vatican categorically condemned and opposed fascism and Nazism, making reference to pronouncements that at best are equivocal.

(…) If we consider for a moment the manner in which the phenomenon of genocide has been treated in the twentieth century by both historians and governments, in general we can say that it often has been cynically exploited for political purposes. When it suited the Western powers, they criticized the genocide of Armenians by Turkey in World War I. But after Turkey became a bulwark against the Soviet Union and a military ally, this chapter of twentieth century history was suppressed — and largely remains so to this day. Most historians in this country are still unwilling to consider the mass extermination of Native American peoples or the deaths of millions of Africans during slavery as acts of genocide, legally sanctioned by this country. At the U.S. Holocaust Museum the history of the Holocaust has been tailored to fit the political fashions of the Clinton administration and the New World Order: hence, one finds the words „Serbs“ and „Russians“ are altogether absent from the official record of the Holocaust, and instead are replaced in the most obscene Orwellian manner by the words „Yugoslavs“ and „Soviets.“ A most vicious and ironic cover up, considering that the U.S. today does not even recognize the existence of these states or peoples. In all of these cases we see instances of the suppression of the history of genocide against certain peoples for clearly political purposes (not least of which is the desire to target these same peoples for future destruction). The role of the U.S. and British governments in protecting and employing Nazi and fascist mass murderers will also probably not be fully disclosed or incorporated into history books in our lifetimes.

(…) The Vatican had done all it could to support the Austrian and German war effort in 1914 against Serbia and considered Serbia as the „evil“ behind the war. In his report of July 29, 1914 to the Austrian Foreign Minister Berchtold, the Austrian charge d’affairs to the Vatican, Count Palffy reported the views of the Vatican Secretary of State, Cardinal Marry del Val, who, speaking on behalf of then Pope Pius X

„…expressed the hope that the monarchy would go through to the end… [and] the opinion that it is a pity that Serbia wasn’t made smaller much earlier…. The Pope and the Curia see Serbia as a destructive disease which is slowly eating away at the Monarchy to its very essence and which will eventually destroy it.… Austria is and remains a Catholic state par excellence, the strongest bulwark of Christ’s Church in this century. The demolition of this bulwark would mean for the Church the loss of its firmest support. It would lose its strongest defender. Therefore, for this reason, just as it is necessary for Austria, for the sake of its self-preservation to get its organism rid, if necessary by force, of the evil which is eating away at it, so it is indirectly necessary for the Church to do everything that could serve this purpose.“(9)


In August 1914 the Vatican encouraged its clergy to rally the Catholic populations of Croatia and Slovenia to fight Serbia, portraying the conflict as a holy war against the very „enemy of Jesus,“ i.e.: the Serbs. The Bishop of Ljubljana, Anton Jeglich, called on the Slovenian soldiers

„…to take arms and defend Catholic Austria and our Catholic imperial family from the sworn enemy of Jesus himself….let us fight the enemies of God, against the enemies of Catholic Austria, against the enemies of the Catholic Habsburg house.“(10)


Combined with the Catholic fanaticism encouraged by the Vatican was the extreme racial violence expressed toward the Serbs throughout Austria-Hungary and summed up in the popular jingle of August 1914: „Alle Serben mussen sterben!“(11) This blending of Catholic fanaticism and racial violence toward the Serbs born in the last days of the Habsburg Empire and sponsored by the Vatican prefigured the later emergence of Croatian fascism. Indeed, in World War I, one out of every four male Serbs would be killed — a dress rehearsal, one might say, for the greater genocide to come.

(…)  The Croatian Catholic Church and the Vatican were directly involved in helping the fascist regime in Croatia carry out a triple genocide against Serbs, Jews and Romas from 1941 to 1945 in every possible way. By the time they were done, they had killed one million people. The Catholic Church assisted the Croatian fascists in every aspect of their murderous rule, from open political and financial support, to serving in their military units in every phase of the war, to serving in their government, to participating in arrests, expropriations, deportations, forced conversions and mass murders of racially persecuted peoples. Catholic Priests even served as concentration camp commanders in some of the worst death camps of World War II. And it was all done with the full knowledge and support of Pope Pius XII and the Vatican.(19)

On April 10, 1941 the Independent State of Croatia was declared by Ustashi arriving in Zagreb with Nazi troops during the Nazi’s invasion and dismemberment of Yugoslavia which began on April 6 and continued until the surrender of the Yugoslav government on April 17. While 30,000 were killed by the Luftwaffe in the bombing of Belgrade, Zagreb and Croatia were left untouched and the Nazis were greeted like heroes in the streets of Zagreb. Once again much of the responsibility for preparing public support for Nazism in Croatia lies with the Catholic Church, which had published articles in its publications as early as 1939 calling for an independent Croatia. In 1940 an article appeared in the official Church publication „Catholic List“ praising Mein Kampf and adding that there was no conflict between being a good Catholic and a good Nazi.(20) Indeed, similar articles were published by innumerable Catholic clergy all over Europe in the 1930’s and 1940’s. Urged on by the Catholic clergy, thousands of Croatian officers and soldiers in the Yugoslav army deserted to the Nazi-Ustasha side as did a large part of the membership of the popular Croatian Peasant Party.

While the Ustashi rode to power on the backs of the Nazi Wehrmacht, units of Ustasha soldiers fought alongside them. Among the very first armed divisions of the Ustasha army were numerous Catholic priests. The military exploits of one priest, Ilija Tomas of Klepac, were hailed in the Croatian fascist publication „Hrvatski Narod“ on July 25, 1941.(21) Another Catholic publication „Nedelja“ praised the military exploits of dozens of priests, especially those in monastic orders such as the Franciscan Radovan Glavas, and the priest Ivan Miletic who led Croatian fascists in joint battle with Wehrmacht forces.(22) Priests who led Catholic organizations in Croatia and Bosnia such as the „Crusaders Brotherhood“ and „Catholic Action,“ which had tens of thousands of members, established military units within them and were used as recruiting centers for the Ustasha military.(23) These are not unique examples. The entire Catholic press in this period in Croatia was thoroughly pro-fascist, racist and supportive of the elimination of the „minorities.“

The leader of the Catholic Church in Croatia, Archbishop Stepinac, fervently supported the Ustasha movement and welcomed the invading Nazi army as it entered Zagreb. On April 11th he met with Ustasha leaders and on April 12th he blessed the newly arrived Ustasha leadership in a public ceremony at his cathedral. In his Easter address of that month he compared the creation of the new fascist state to the resurrection of Christ. In his pastoral letter of April 28th he ordered the clergy and called upon all Catholic people of Croatia and Bosnia to follow their „Poglavnik“ (Fuhrer) Ante Pavelic, for he had seen in Pavelic’s rule „God’s hand in action.“(24) The pastoral letter was read over the radio and in every Catholic parish in fascist Croatia.

Stepinac met with the Croatian Fuhrer when he arrived from Italy on April 16th. That evening Stepinac held a dinner party in his residence in honor of Pavelic and the Ustasha leadership. In his diary, Stepinac described the day and admitted that Pavelic told him of his plans to „exterminate“ the non-Catholic religions in Croatia. Stepinac’s diary indicates that he too was prepared for an all out religious war, for he added that „If that man (Pavelic) rules Croatia for ten years…. Croatia will be a paradise on earth.

(…)  Croatia became at this time, as Croatian historian Antun Miletic has said, „a land of concentration camps.“ In order to execute the state’s racial laws, the Directorate for Public Security under Eugen Kvaternik was ordered by Interior Minister Andrija Artukovic to create a series of concentration camps throughout Croatia. From April to August 1941 Serbs, Jews, Romas and anti-fascists who were not killed outright were relocated to collection camps, such as Danica, Kerestinec, Pag, Caprag, Jadovno, Krushchica, Loborgrad, Gornja Rijeka, Djakovo, Tenj, Sisak, Jastrebarsko and the Lepoglava Prison. Some of these, like Jadovno and Djakovo were also major death camps. In other cases surviving inmates were transported for extermination to the main concentration camp system in Croatia which opened in August 1941, Jasenovac.

It was at Jasenovac that between 600,000 and 700,000 Serbs, at least 30,000 Romas and 25,000 Jews were systematically murdered between August 1941 and April 1945Of all of the death camps during the Holocaust Jasenovac was the third largest overall in terms of victims. In terms of size it was probably the largest, spread out over 240 square kilometers (150 sq. miles) and encompassing actually a series of five major and three smaller „special“ camps.(39) Jasenovac was intended to serve as „the radical solution“ to Croatia’s racial problem a factory of death. Indeed, it was built around a former brick factory. Its first Commander was the notorious Maks Luburic, a man specifically sent to the Third Reich for training at various Nazi concentration camps prior to the opening of Jasenovac.Jasenovac holds a number of ghastly distinctions for its cruelty. It possessed some of the largest camps for women and children during the war – the names of some 20,000 children murdered there have been collected thus far. It was noted also for its extreme brutality every known method of murder and torture was employed there, as well as a few unknown anywhere else. There are very few examples in human history that can compare with the scale of murder, terror and barbarism conducted at Jasenovac. 

And yet it is not even mentioned at the U.S. Holocaust Museum in Washington DC. Why?

God Is Not a Christian – Desmond Tutu

2 јуна, 2011


1984 Nobel Peace Prize winner

The following is excerpted from the Archbishop Desmond Tutu‘s new book, ‘God Is Not A Christian: And Other Provocations.’

(…) When we read the classics of the various religions in matters of prayer, meditation, and mysticism, we find substantial convergence, and that is something to rejoice at. We have enough that conspires to separate us; let us celebrate that which unites us, that which we share in common.

Surely it is good to know that God (in the Christian tradition) created us all (not just Christians) in his image, thus investing us all with infinite worth, and that it was with all humankind that God entered into a covenant relationship, depicted in the covenant with Noah when God promised he would not destroy his creation again with water. Surely we can rejoice that the eternal word, the Logos of God, enlightens everyone — not just Christians, but everyone who comes into the world; that what we call the Spirit of God is not a Christian preserve, for the Spirit of God existed long before there were Christians, inspiring and nurturing women and men in the ways of holiness, bringing them to fruition, bringing to fruition what was best in all. We do scant justice and honor to our God if we want, for instance, to deny that Mahatma Gandhi was a truly great soul, a holy man who walked closely with God. Our God would be too small if he was not also the God of Gandhi: if God is one, as we believe, then he is the only God of all his people, whether they acknowledge him as such or not. God does not need us to protect him. Many of us perhaps need to have our notion of God deepened and expanded. It is often said, half in jest, that God created man in his own image and man has returned the compliment, saddling God with his own narrow prejudices and exclusivity, foibles and temperamental quirks. God remains God, whether God has worshippers or not.

This mission in Birmingham to which I have been invited is a Christian celebration, and we will make our claims for Christ as unique and as the Savior of the world, hoping that we will live out our beliefs in such a way that they help to commend our faith effectively. Our conduct far too often contradicts our profession, however. We are supposed to proclaim the God of love, but we have been guilty as Christians of sowing hatred and suspicion; we commend the one whom we call the Prince of Peace, and yet as Christians we have fought more wars than we care to remember.

We have claimed to be a fellowship of compassion and caring and sharing, but as Christians we often sanctify sociopolitical systems that belie this, where the rich grow ever richer and the poor grow ever poorer, where we seem to sanctify a furious competitiveness, ruthless as can only be appropriate to the jungle.

Aryan & Hyperborea

1 јуна, 2011


Airyana/ Airyan/ Airan/
The word “Aryan” is derived from the Sanskrit word ārya meaning ‘noble’.
Indo-Iranian ar-ya- descends from Proto-Indo-European (PIE) *ar-yo-, a yo-adjective to a root *ar „to assemble skillfully„, present in Greek harma „chariot“, Greek aristos, (as in „aristocracy„), Latin ars „art“, etc. Thus, according to this theory, an Aryan is „one who skillfully assembles„. Proto-Indo-Iranian *ar-ta- was a related concept of „properly joined“ expressing a religious concept of cosmic order.
Arya and Anarya are primarily used in the moral sense in the Hindu Epics. People are usually called Arya or Anarya based on their behaviour. Arya is typically one who follows Dharmic principles. This is historically is applicable for any person living any where in Bharata Varsha or vast India.
The name Iran, Iranian is itself equivalent to Arya/Aryan, where Iran means “land of the Arya, and has been in use since Sassanid times. The Avesta clearly uses airya as an ethnic name (Vd. 1; Yt. 13.143-44, etc.), where it appears in expressions such as airyāfi; daiŋˊhāvō “Iranian lands, peoples,” airyō.šayanəm “land inhabited by Iranians,” and airyanəm vaējō vaŋhuyāfi; dāityayāfi; “Iranian stretch of the good Dāityā,” the river Oxus, the modern Āmū Daryā.

In the 18th century, the most ancient known Indo-European languages were those of the Indo-Iranians‘ ancestors. The word Aryan was adopted to refer not only to the Indo-Iranian people, but also to native Indo-European speakers as a whole, including the Armenians, Greeks, Latins, and Germans. It was soon recognised that Balts, Celts, and Slavs also belonged to the same group. It was argued that all of these languages originated from a common root—now known as Proto-Indo-European—spoken by an ancient people. The ethnic group composed of the Proto-Indo-Europeans and their modern descendants was termed the Aryans.

In 19th century physical anthropology, represented by some as being scientific racism, the „Aryan race“ was defined as the subgroup of the Caucasian (or Europid) race consisting of the native speakers of Indo-European languages descended from the original Proto-Indo-Europeans, that in modern times reside in Europe, Asian Russia, Anglo-America, Quebec, Southern South America, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand, in Armenia, in Iran, Afghanistan and Tadzhikistan, in Northern India (which in the 19th century included what is now Pakistan), Gujarat, Maharashtra, Eastern India (which in the 19th century included what is now Bangladesh), Nepal, and Northeast India, and in the Maldives and Ceylon.
A genetic study in the year 2000 in Andhra Pradesh state of India found that the upper caste Hindus were closer relatives to Eastern-Europeans than to Hindus from lower castes.
The term Caucasian race (also Caucasoid, Europid, or Europoid) has been used to denote the general physical type of some or all of the populations of Europe, North Africa, the Horn of Africa, West Asia, Central Asia and South Asia. In common use, the term is sometimes restricted to Europeans and other lighter-skinned populations within these areas, and may be considered equivalent to the varying definitions of white people.

The concept of a Caucasian race or Varietas Caucasia was developed around 1800 by Johann Friedrich Blumenbach, a German scientist and classical anthropologist. Blumenbach named it after the Caucasian peoples (from the Southern Caucasus region), whom he considered to be the archetype for the grouping. He based his classification of the Caucasian race primarily on craniology. Blumenbach wrote:

Caucasian variety – I have taken the name of this variety from Mount Caucasus, both because its neighborhood, and especially its southern slope, produces the most beautiful race of men, I mean the Georgian; and because all physiological reasons converge to this, that in that region, if anywhere, it seems we ought with the greatest probability to place the autochthones (birth place) of mankind.
The South Caucasus is a geopolitical region located on the border of Eastern Europe and Southwest Asia also referred to as Transcaucasia, or The Trans-Caucasus.


In Greek mythology the Hyperboreans were a mythical people who lived far to the north of Thrace. The Greeks thought that Boreas, the North Wind, lived in Thrace, and that therefore Hyperborea was an unspecified region in the northern lands that lay beyond the north wind. Their land, called Hyperborea or Hyperboria — „beyond the Boreas“ — was perfect, with the sun shining twenty-four hours a day, which – if true – suggests a possible location within the Arctic Circle.

The earliest extant source which mentions Hyperborea in detail is from Herodotus‘s Histories (Book IV, Chapters 32-36) written around 450 BC. However Herodotus recorded three earlier sources which supposedly mentioned the Hyperboreans, these included Hesiod and Homer, the latter of whom purportedly wrote of Hyperborea in his lost work Epigoni, „if that be really a work of his“. Herodotus also wrote that the 7th century BC poet Aristeas wrote of the Hyperboreans in a poem (now lost) called Arimaspea about a journey to the Issedones. Beyond these lived the one-eyed Arimaspians, further on there were gold-guarding griffins, and beyond these the Hyperboreans. Pindar, Simonides of Ceos and Hellanicus of Lesbos, contemporaries of Herodotus in the 5th century BC also all briefly described or referenced the Hyperboreans in their works.

The Hyperboreans were believed to live beyond the snowy Riphean Mountains which Homer first referenced in his Iliad (15. 171; 19. 358) or beyond the home of Boreas.

According to Pausanias:

…“The land of the Hyperboreans, men living beyond the home of Boreas.”

Homer placed Boreas in Thrace, and therefore Hyperborea in his opinion dwelled somewhere to the north of Thracian territory, perhaps Dacia. Sophocles (Antigone, 980-987), Aeschylus (Agamemnon, 193; 651), Simonides of Ceos (Schol. on Apollonius Rhodius, 1. 121) and Callimachus (Delian, [IV] 65) also placed Boreas in Thrace. Other ancient writers however believed the home of Boreas or the Rhipean Mountains sat in a different location. For example, Hecataeus of Miletus believed that the Rhipean Mountains sat adjacent to the Black Sea.Alternatively Pindar placed the home of Boreas, the Rhipean Mountains and Hyperborea all near the Danube. Heraclides Ponticus and Antimachus in contrast identified the Rhipean Mountains with the Alps, and the Hyperboreans as a Celtic tribe (perhaps the Helvetii) who sat just beyond them. Aristotle placed the Rhipean mountains on the borders of Scythia, and Hyperborea further north. Later Roman and Greek sources continued to change the location of the Rhipean mountains, the home of Boreas, as well as Hyperborea which supposedly dwelled beyond them. However all these sources agreed these all dwelled to the far north of Greece or southern Europe. The ancient grammarian Simmias of Rhodes in the 3rd century BC connected the Hyperboreans to the Massagetae and Posidonius in the 1st century BC to the Western Celts, but Pomponius Mela placed them even further north in the vicinity of the Arctic. In maps based on reference points and descriptions given by Strabo, Hyperborea, shown variously as a peninsula or island, is located beyond France and has a greater latitudinal than longitudinal extent. Other descriptions put it in the general area of the Ural Mountains.

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Finding Darwin’s God

31 маја, 2011


To creationists, an acceptance of evolution cannot coexist with belief in a created world. Not only are the creationists wrong, argues a professor of biology who is also a Christian, they deny the possibility of human beings created free to choose right from wrong. Darwin’s theories, he says, can actually deepen our belief in a Creator.

(An excerpt from the concluding chapter of Finding Darwin’s God)   

Kenneth Miller is a professor of biology at Brown.

This article is adapted from Finding Darwin’s God: A Scientist’s Search for Common Ground Between God and Evolution, first published in September 1999 by Harper Collins. A New edition was published in April 2007.

We have met the enemy and he is us

25 маја, 2011


Arianna Huffington

(…) We see this dynamic played out on a national scale, as well. In times of economic stress especially, there is a tendency to look for the cause of the problems in some identifiable „other“ group, race, religion or country. Before he flamed out — the victim not of outside forces but of his own ego — Donald Trump had begun to move on from birtherism to trying to finger China as the cause for our economic ills (including promising to tell Chinese leaders, „Listen, you motherf—ers, we’re going to tax you 25 percent„).

Now we certainly have our share of complex economic issues with China, but China is not the cause of our current hard times. To find the real culprits, we need not look beyond our own borders (indeed, all we need to do is tune into HBO and watch Too Big to Fail).

Others, looking for scapegoats, want to lay the blame for our troubles on Muslims. Or government workers. Or teachers. Or gay people. Or rappers. Or, or, or, or… In short, anyone but ourselves.

In the end, if we spent even a small percentage of the time we devote to obsessing about those we consider our rivals, competitors, and enemies on examining where our own fault lines are, it’s hard to believe we wouldn’t be more successful — or at least less likely to be done in by our chief rivals hiding inside us.

Pogo had it right: „We have met the enemy and he is us.“ As my compatriot Socrates told us all those centuries ago: „The unexamined life is not worth living.

Bin Ladin’s Balkan Hosts — A Missed Opportunity

23 маја, 2011


George Bogdanich 

 Writer, publicist and documentary filmmaker  


For very understandable reasons, congressional leaders and policy makers are questioning whether Osama bin Ladin was sheltered by a branch of the Pakistani government, either the ISI intelligence service or Pakistani military, when it was learned he was living in an exclusive neighborhood in a town dominated by military facilities near the capital Islamabad.

But this would not be the first time US policy makers allied themselves with foreign leaders who sheltered or actively collaborated with Bin Ladin. After the terrorist mastermind was pushed out of Saudi Arabia in the early 1990’s, he became a key supporter of Bosnia’s Muslim wartime President Alija Izetbegovic whom the US was supporting in a three sided civil war. In many ways, Bosnia was the birthplace of al-Qaeda’s pan-Islamic strategy which, for the first time, united Shiite terrorists from Iran and Lebanon in a common effort with Sunni terrorists Bin Ladin had recruited from mujahadeen fighters in Afghanistan in the fight to oust the Soviet Army. The US had supported the Afghan mujahedeen fighters in this earlier conflict, but Bin Ladin was not well known then, and his anti American views had not crystallized yet. After the US set up a military base in Saudi Arabia, however, Bin-Ladin openly declared war on the US.

It should have raised serious concerns, however, when the Bosnian embassy in Vienna, Austria issued Bin Ladin and other terrorists Bosnian passports in 1993. Bin Ladin and his deputy Ayman al-Zawahiri traveled to Bosnia and deployed a murderous unit of mujahedeen fighters in Zenica which ravaged Bosnian Serb villages. Iranian terrorists were also recruited and formed their own unit in Izetbegovic’s army.

While direct evidence of recent involvement of the Pakistani government intelligence with Bin Ladin has yet to emerge, his collaboration with Bosnia’s government during the bloody civil war of 1992-95 was well known to American intelligence, if not the general public. There were regular detailed reports about Bin Ladin’s activities in Bosnia by Yossef Bodansky, Director of the Congressional Task Force on Terrorism and Unconventional Warfare and a Bin Ladin biographer. The National Security Agency’s senior Balkan analyst John Schindler was well aware of Bin Ladin’s collaboration with the Bosnian government which he later detailed in his book Unholy Terror: Bosnia, Al-Qa’ida and the Rise of Global Jihad explaining the seminal role of Bin Ladin’s Bosnian interlude in his worldwide attacks on American interests.

US policymakers, however, kept silent about Bin Ladin’s activities in the Balkans. Public knowledge of his activities would have led to uncomfortable questions for the Clinton administration about why the US was supporting a leader with close ties to Bin Ladin at a time when the US was presenting itself as the honest broker in Bosnian peace efforts. As a result, Bin Ladin’s collaboration with Izetbegovic was not mentioned in daily state Department briefings for reporters. Then US envoy to the UN Madeleine Albright used the threat of a veto to block proposed resolutions condemning atrocities and violations of UN mandates by the Bosnian Muslims, leaving the false impression that only the Serbs were guilty of wartime abuses.

Eventually, by 1994, reporters learned on their own that Bin Ladin was meeting personally with Bosnian President Alija Izetbegovic in his office. Renate Flottau, a respected correspondent for the German weekly Der Spiegel, told an interviewer for the German language version of a documentary I was working on that she ran into Bin Ladin in the Bosnian president’s waiting room on two occasions. When Flottau later asked Izetbegovic what business he had with his tall Saudi visitor, Bosnia’s American-backed president quickly sought to downplay the significance of his meeting with the head of the emerging terrorist network.

The Dayton Agreement that ended the war in Bosnia required the Bosnian government to expel Bin Ladin’s Mujahadeen fighters, but many remained in place. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright is reported to have complained bitterly that Izetbegovic failed to carry out his pledge to remove the remaining terrorists even after Bin Ladin’s network bombed the US Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998. It was surely no surprise to US intelligence, however, when the bipartisan 9/11 Commission Report noted that two of the hijackers that attacked the World Trade center had fought in Bosnia with Bin Ladin’s forces.

US policy makers would have been well served to remember the warning against „entangling alliances“ from George Washington famous farewell speech, instead of pursuing misguided short term goals in Bosnia. Had they done so, we might not have needed to wait until 2011 to end Bin Ladin’s global jihad.

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Search & Destroy: Why You Can’t Trust Google Inc

19 маја, 2011

Search & Destroy author Scott Cleland is the world’s leading Google critic and has testified before Congress three times about the search-engine behemoth. Cleland takes an in-depth look at where Google is leading us, explains why we don’t want to go there, and proposes straightforward solutions.

Published by Telescope Books, Search & Destroy: Why You Can’t Trust Google Inc. is the first book to critically examine Google’s business practices, mission, and unprecedented power Relevant Products/Servicesover information access and the digital economy.

Google has acquired far more information, both public and private, and has invented more ways to use it, than anyone in history. Information is power, and in Google’s case, Cleland argues, it’s the power to influence and control virtually everything the Internet touches. Google’s power is largely unchecked, unaccountable — and grossly underestimated.

Search & Destroy examines Google’s position as the Internet’s lone superpower — the new master of the digital information universe. And Google’s power, Cleland points out, depends almost entirely on the blind trust it has gained through masterful duplicity. Search & Destroy demonstrates how Google routinely says one thing and does another.

Don’t Want To Go There

Cleland shows that the world’s #1 brand is untrustworthy. He exposes the unethical company hiding behind a „Don’t Be Evil“ slogan. He uncovers Google’s hidden political agenda and reveals how Google’s famed mission to organize the world’s information is destructive and wrong. Cleland is the first to critically examine where Google is leading us, explain why we don’t want to go there, and propose straightforward solutions.

Google’s unprecedented centralization of power over the world’s information is corrupting both Google and the Internet, Cleland says. Google is evolving from an information servant to master — from working for users, to making users work for the Internet behemoth.

In his review, John Eade, president of the Argus Research Company, describes the new book as a wake-up call. „Search & Destroy eloquently makes the case that Google has no respect for Intellectual Property Rights, other than its own.“

Unchecked Power

„Do we want an Internet devoid of privacy, property rights, and data Relevant Products/Services security Relevant Products/Services?,“ Cleland asks. Generations to come will have to live with decisions being made today based on what Cleland calls „assumed acquiescence“ to Google’s practices.

Search & Destroy conclusively demonstrates that Google’s goal is to change the world by influencing and controlling information access. Ultimately, Google’s immense unchecked power is destructive precisely because Google is so shockingly-political, unethical and untrustworthy.


Search & Destroy is an exhaustively researched investigative book containing over 700 references (including court documents) and more than 150 verbatim quotes from Google executives.

The 329-page hardcover book is available from Amazon and Barnes & Noble. E-book versions are available for Kindle, Nook, and other popular e-readers. For more information, visit

About the Author

Scott Cleland is the world’s leading Google critic. Cleland has testified before Congress three times about Google. He publishes and, and authors the widely read As President of Precursor LLC, he consults for Fortune 500 clients.

A former #1 ranked Institutional Investor independent analyst known for spotting early on why the Internet dotcom bubble would burst, Cleland was also the first analyst invited to testify before Congress about the missed warning signs of Enron’s fraud and bankruptcy. Fortune profiled Cleland as „ahead of the pack in raising questions about WorldCom’s debt, profitability, and survival.“ Cleland is also a former U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Information and Communication Policy.

Robert Fisk: Why no outcry over these torturing tyrants?

19 маја, 2011

The Independent

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Christopher Hill, a formerUSsecretary of state for east Asia who was ambassador to Iraq– and usually a very obedient and un-eloquent American diplomat – wrote the other day that „the notion that a dictator can claim the sovereign right to abuse his people has become unacceptable“.

Unless, of course – and Mr Hill did not mention this – you happen to live inBahrain. On this tiny island, a Sunni monarchy, the al-Khalifas, rule a majority Shia population and have responded to democratic protests with death sentences, mass arrests, the imprisonment of doctors for letting patients die after protests and an „invitation“ to Saudi forces to enter the country. They have also destroyed dozens of Shia mosques with all the thoroughness of a 9/11 pilot. But then, let’s remember that most of the 9/11 killers were indeed Saudis.

And what do we get for it? Silence. Silence in theUSmedia, largely silence in the European press, silence from our own beloved CamerClegg and of course from the White House. And – shame of shame – silence from the Arabs who know where their bread is buttered. That means, of course, also silence from al-Jazeera. I often appear on their otherwise excellent Arabic and English editions, but their failure to mentionBahrainis shameful, a dollop of shit in the dignity that they have brought to reporting in theMiddle East. The Emir ofQatar – I know him and like him very much – does not need to belittle his television empire in this way.

CamerClegg is silent, of course, because Bahrainis one of our „friends“ in the Gulf, an eager arms buyer, home to thousands of Brit expatriates who – during the mini-revolution by Bahrain’s Shia – spent their time writing vicious letters to the local pro-Khalifa press denouncing Western journalists. And as for the demonstrators, I recall a young Shia woman telling me that if only the Crown Prince would come to the Pearl Roundabout and talk with the protesters, they would carry him on their shoulders around the square. I believed her. But he didn’t come. Instead, he destroyed their mosques and claimed the protests were an Iranian plot – which was never the case – and destroyed the statue of the pearl at the roundabout, thus deforming the very history of his own country.

Obama, needless to say, has his own reasons for silence. Bahrain hosts the US Fifth Fleet and the Americans don’t want to be shoved out of their happy little port (albeit that they could up-sticks and move to the UAE or Qataranytime they wish) and want to defend Bahrain from mythical Iranian aggression. So you won’t find La Clinton, so keen to abuse the Assad family, saying anything bad about the al-Khalifas. Why on earth not? Are we all in debt to the Gulf Arabs? They are honourable people and understand when criticism is said with good faith. But no, we are silent. Even when Bahraini students in Britain are deprived of their grants because they protested outside theirLondonembassy, we are silent. CamerClegg, shame on you.

Bahrain has never had a reputation as a „friend“ of the West, albeit that is how it likes to be portrayed. More than 20 years ago, anyone protesting the royal family’s dominance risked being tortured in the security police headquarters. The head of it was a former British police Special Branch officer whose senior torturer was a pernicious major in the Jordanian army. When I published their names, I was rewarded with a cartoon in the government newspaper Al-Khaleej which pictured me as a rabid dog. Rabid dogs, of course, have to be exterminated. It was not a joke. It was a threat.

The al-Khalifas have no problems with the opposition newspaper, Al-Wasat, however. They arrested one of its founders, Karim Fakhrawi, on 5 April. He died in police custody a week later. Ten days later, they arrested the paper’s columnist, Haidar Mohamed al-Naimi. He has not been seen since. Again, silence from CamerClegg, Obama, La Clinton and the rest. The arrest and charging of Shia Muslim doctors for letting their patients die – the patients having been shot by the „security forces“, of course – is even more vile. I was in the hospital when these patients were brought in. The doctors’ reaction was horror mixed with fear – they had simply never seen such close-range gunshot wounds before. Now they have been arrested, doctors and patients taken from their hospital beds. If this was happening inDamascus,HomsorHamaorAleppo, the voices of CamerClegg, and Obama and La Clinton would be ringing in our ears. But no. Silence. Four men have been sentenced to death for killing two Bahraini policemen. It was a closed military court. Their „confessions“ were aired on television, Soviet-style. No word from CamerClegg or Obama or La Clinton.

What is this nonsense? Well, I will tell you. It has nothing to do with the Bahrainis or the al-Khalifas. It is all about our fear ofSaudi Arabia. Which also means it is about oil. It is about our absolute refusal to remember that 9/11 was committed largely by Saudis. It is about our refusal to remember thatSaudi Arabiasupported the Taliban, that Bin Laden was a Saudi, that the most cruel version of Islam comes fromSaudi Arabia, the land of head-choppers and hand-cutters. It is about a conversation I had with a Bahraini official – a good and decent and honest man – in which I asked him why the Bahraini prime minister could not be elected by a majority Shia population. „The Saudis would never permit it,“ he said. Yes, our other friends. The Saudis.

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Gold Investor’s Bible 

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Official Trailer 

The Economic Recovery is an Illusion

октобар 20, 2009

Reporters Confuse Osama with Obama

3 маја, 2011


3 маја, 2011

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The Economic Recovery is an Illusion

октобар 20, 2009

Rep. Allen West Challenges Conservative Mothers: ‘Spartan Women…Raise Spartan Men’

25 априла, 2011

Anais Mitchell – „Why We Build The Wall“

24 априла, 2011


15 априла, 2011

A Short Interview With Lead Singer (and founding member) Andrew Eldritch:

How does it feel to have made it to 30 years in music…
Our lead singer had a ridiculous Five Year Plan which went horribly wrong.

… in the current era of reduced band shelf-life?
A band can mean a lot. We like to mean a lot. It’s not been easy.

What do you think the secret of your continued success is?
1. We have many great songs.
2. We know about rock music.
3. We like rock music.
4. We have fucked every opinion-forming member of your family.
5. We rock.

At your first gig in York in 1981, did any part of you think that you might still be in the business thirty years time?

At our first gig in York, we were amazed to find ourselves still in the business after thirty minutes. We’re more confident now. We have taught ourselves some stuff, and we have walked it like we talked it. It’s not been easy.

Do you think there’s still a place for The Sisters Of Mercy in 2011 and beyond?

There was no place for us then, and there’s no place for us now. It didn’t stop us then, and it doesn’t stop us now. We’re everywhere. It’s what we do.


Kosovo’s Mafia: How the US and allies ignore allegations of organized crime at the highest levels of a new democracy

29 марта, 2011


Part I:
Part II:
Part III:
Matt McAllester

Empowering the Body Snatchers: Washington’s Appalling Kosovo Policy

4 јануара, 2011


Ted Galen Carpenter


The revelations just keep coming, and the evidence mounts that Washington’s policy since the mid-1990s regarding Kosovo has been stubbornly obtuse. The latest blot on America’s diplomacy is an investigative report for the Council of Europe released just before Christmas confirming long-standing rumors that the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) was involved in the trafficking of human organs, including killing Serbian prisoners to harvest their kidneys and other organs. Two aspects of the report were especially damning. First, the author and lead investigator was Swiss Senator Dick Marty, a highly respected champion of human rights. Second, the report specifically named Kosovo Prime Minister Hashim Thaci as an accomplice in those atrocities—as well as being involved in other criminal activities, including drug trafficking and politically motivated murders. Thaci, of course, has vehemently disputed the Marty report, but people who have followed his career since his guerrilla days, when he was known as “The Snake,” find the allegations all too credible.

This thoroughly distasteful situation might be a parochial issue if it were not for the high-profile role that the United States and its leading NATO allies played in the two-stage process of securing Kosovo’s independence from Serbia. During the first stage in the mid and late 1990s, Clinton administration officials and their cheerleaders in Congress, the think tank community, and the news media portrayed the KLA’s secessionist war as a stark melodrama featuring noble Albanian Kosovars and their evil Serb oppressors.The most notorious expression of that view was Senator Joseph Lieberman’s assertion that the United States and the terrorist KLA shared the same goals and values.

That grotesque oversimplification of a bitter ethnic struggle eventually led to a NATO air war against Serbia in 1999, which killed well over 1,000 Serbian civilians, and a subsequent NATO-led military occupation of Kosovo under the nominal auspices of the United Nations. Stage two of the amputation of the province from a now fully democratic Serbia was the decision by the United States and the leading European Union powers to recognize Kosovo’s unilateral declaration of independence in early 2008. That action was taken despite vehement criticism from Russia and China about ignoring the UN Security Council, which was officially responsible for policy regarding Kosovo.

As I’ve written elsewhere, the West’s arrogant bypassing of the Security Council (and, thereby, a certain Russian veto) set a bad precedent on several levels. At the time, the Russian foreign minister warned that the logic the NATO powers used regarding Kosovo could be applied to numerous situations around the world, including Georgia’s secessionist provinces of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. Moscow made good on that implied threat later in the year during its war with Georgia.

The Obama administration should use the Marty report as an opportunity for a comprehensive reassessment of U.S. policy regarding the Kosovo issue. From the beginning, Washington has been the principal advocate of Kosovo’s independence, and has worked closely with Thaci and other KLA leaders. The outcome has been unsatisfactory at best and shameful at worst. One of the first actions of the victorious KLA following NATO’s intervention in 1999 was to drive more than 200,000 non-Albanians—not just Serbs, but other ethnic minorities as well—out of the province. Such ethnic cleansing took place on NATO’s watch, yet Alliance (including U.S.) forces did nothing at the time or in the years since to reverse it.

U.S. and other Western policy makers persist in portraying the Kosovo intervention as a great success. But Kosovo is an economically dysfunctional international ward with an unemployment rate exceeding 45 percent. Indeed, the legal economy—absent the extensive financial inputs from foreign would-be nation builders—is scarcely relevant at all. Instead, political corruption is rampant, and the country is now a haven for various mafia criminal enterprises. The Marty report merely lifts the lid on one aspect of an odious situation that has gone on for more than a decade.

Governments are notoriously reluctant to acknowledge being responsible for a major policy blunder. But the United States and its principal NATO partners need to make such an admission regarding Kosovo. Pretending that the policy has been justified, much less that it has been successful, will not make the unpleasant reality go away.’s-appalling-kosovo-4650

Kosovo’s PM ‘head of organ ring’

15 децембра, 2010


Kosovo’s prime minister is the head of a „mafia-like“ Albanian group responsible for smuggling weapons, drugs and human organs through eastern Europe, according to a Council of Europe inquiry report on organised crime.

The report of the two-year inquiry, which cites FBI and other intelligence sources, has been obtained by the Guardian. It names Thaçi as having over the last decade exerted „violent control“ over the heroin trade. Figures from Thaçi’s inner circle are also accused of taking captives across the border into Albania after the war, where a number of Serbs are said to have been murdered for their kidneys, which were sold on the black market.



5 децембра, 2010

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